(served till 11.00am)

Big Brekkie
2 eggs your way, bacon, roasted tomato, sausage, hash brown, sauteed mushrooms, spinach & toasted sourdough

Veggie Brekkie (V)
Two fried eggs, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms and baby spinach, baked beans and a hash brown, with a slice of toasted sourdough

Egg and Bacon Roll
On Turkish bread

Poached Eggs and Smoked Salmon
with baby spinach and hollandaise sauce on toasted sourdough$12.90

98% Fat Free Natural Yoghurt (V)
with Gluten Free muesli and berry compote

Gluten free bread, spinach, hollandaise, ricotta, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, baked beans
$2 each addition

Bacon, sausage, avocado, smoked ham, 2 eggs
$3.50 each addition

Toasted Sourdough with Spread
(strawberry jam, breakfast marmalade, nutella, vegemite, peanut butter or honey)

Smashed Avocado on Toasted Sourdough (V)
With roasted tomato and crumbled feta
Add 2 Poached eggs for $3.00

Open melts
Cheese and tomato $5.90
Ham, cheese and tomato $6.90

Tomato Bruschetta (two slices) (V)
With balsamic glaze on Turkish bread


Beef Burger
Homemade chargrilled beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato & caramelised balsamic onions on a brioche bun served w/crispy chips

Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken breast, cheese, lettuce, tomato and smokey chipotle mayo on a brioche bun served with crispy chips

Veggie Burger (V)
Veggie patty, baby spinach, tomato and tzatziki on a brioche bun served with crispy chips

Chicken schnitzel on Sourdough
Homemade chicken schnitzel with coleslaw, cheese, garlic aioli and sweet honey mustard sauce, served with crispy chips

Homemade Chicken Schnitzel
Homemade crumbed chicken breast with crispy chips and homemade coleslaw

Beer Battered Flathead
Three Beer battered flathead fillets with crispy chips and garden salad $15.90

Salt and Pepper Calamari
With crispy chips and garden salad

Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled chicken breast. crispy bacon, parmesan cheese, fried herb croutons and sliced egg

Rocket Salad (V)
Rocket, honey roasted pumpkin, almonds, parmesan cheese and caramelised balsamic onions
Add grilled chicken $3.00


Bowl of crispy chips (V)

Sweet potato wedges with garlic aioli (V)

Potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (V)

KIDS MENU (12.yo & under)

Chicken nuggets and chips

Beer battered flathead with chips

*all kids meals include one scoop of vanilla ice cream and topping

Shared Plate
Pot of melted chocolate, strawberries, banana, marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream

Nutella Crêpe
With strawberries, banana and ice cream

Lemon Crêpe
Lemon curd filled crêpe with fresh strawberries and toasted almonds

Homemade Sundae
Homemade chocolate brownie, homemade salted caramel peanut ice cream, whipped cream, hersheys chocolate sauce

(View our extensive range of sweets in our showcase. Ask our friendly staff for more information)

Flat White (S) $3.60 (L) $4.20
Cappuccino (S) $3.60 (L) $4.20
Latte (S) $3.60 (L) $4.20
Long Black (S) $3.60
Espresso (S) $3.00
Hot chocolate (S) $3.60 (L) $4.20
Nutella Mocha (S) $4.00 (L) $4.50
White hot chocolate (S) $3.60 (L) $4.20
Chai latte (S) $3.60 (L) $4.20

Pot of tea $4.50
English breakfast, earl grey, green tea, chamomile, peppermint

Hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, coconut $0.60
Decaf, soy, lactose free $0.60
Vienna (whipped cream) $0.60


Soft Drinks $3.50
Coke, Coke zero, diet Coke, Sunkist or Lemonade

Lemon, lime and bitters $4.50

Iced coffee/Iced chocolate/Iced mocha $6.50
With ice cream and whipped cream

Milkshakes $5.00
Caramel, chocolate, banana, strawberry or vanilla

Juice $4.00
Orange or apple

Ice Tea $4.00
Peach or lemon

Smoothies $6.90
Mixed berries, banana and honey or mango